Not one of John’s finest moments…

You know, I can totally understand why you (and most people) feel that way about John’s actions in this scene. It’s not an easy choice to understand especially when the man is the father of the boys we were learning to love while they were so desperately searching for him.  I get most people agree with Missouri on this one and I’m sure that if I was in her place I’d probably try to get the three of them together too. However, my first reaction to this scene was to support John. At that point we knew very little about him and his motivations but I instantly supported his choice because in some way I related to his reasons.

I see John Winchester as a highly motivated military man who is thinking about the bigger picture here. He’s focused on his goal, and he knows himself (and the situation his in) well enough to know that indulging his need to be with his family could be fatal. And the way Jeffrey Dean Morgan played it we could see clearly how it was affecting him to be away; The way I see it John was not avoiding them because he wanted but because he needed to.  If Jeff had played it in another way (maybe calmer and more detached) I’d feel differently about it too, but he showed so much anguish that I couldn’t help but admire the strength it took for him to stay away.

I guess this is one of those scenes that can sway the viewer to either side. Just wanted to share my interpretation of it ;)

“If only your boys knew how much their daddy loved them.”
- Azazel [02x01]
“Dad’ll know what to do.”
- Sam Winchester [02x01]