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Anonymous asked: You are awesome. I'm having a rough time, and your blog is one of the few bright spots in my days. That last gif of JDM actually made me smile. I love seeing his tattoos. Thanks.

Thank you :) I’m glad this blog helped; I’ll post soon more gifs of that photoshoot. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help ;)

horrorchic87 asked: Papa Winchester is just a beautiful man.

He really is ;)


Just because fanfiction depict John in a bad light, doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. Keep your headcanon out of actual canon.


supernatural - season 2 - episode 1 - in my time of dying

Remember, John Fans. You are not alone. There are dozens of us that you can turn to without fear of being attacked.



Anonymous asked: kisses for you always, ilu.



supernatural - season 1 - episode 22 - devil's trap